IFJ Concerned over New Media Crisis in Bahrain

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today condemned the

escalation of violence against media in Bahrain after photographer Mohammed Almoukhraq

was assaulted by security forces while covering anti-government protests in the

capital, Manama on Sunday. Last night, the Al-Wasat newspaper headquarters were also attacked.

"These incidents illustrate a crisis

for media and democracy in Bahrain," said IFJ President, Jim Boumelha. "The

government must give guarantees that journalists will be able to operate freely

and safely despite the Declaration of a State of Emergency."

According to Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA), an IFJ affiliate,

photographer Almoukhraq was set upon on Sunday by security forces and

plainclothes officers who beat him up and broke his camera and mobile phone.

In a separate incident, the headquarters of the Al-Wasat newspaper in Manama came under attack last night by

unknown assailants.


condemned the assault on Almoukhraq and the attack on offices of Al -Wasat newspaper and demanded a

thorough investigation into these incidents to hold perpetrators accountable.

In a statement, the BJA leadership called on "all stakeholders to allow the press to perform

its mission."

The IFJ backs the BJA demands and says the Government of Bahrain has the

primary responsibility to protect journalists who are covering an increasingly

violent situation.

"We call on the authorities to order security forces to stop attacking

journalists and to protect all media professionals from violent groups," added

Boumelha. "Journalists must not be targeted and media must not be made scapegoats

for this political crisis."

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