IFJ Agrees on Focused Dialogue with Journalists' Leaders in China


International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today held discussions with a

delegation of journalists' leaders in China

who visited its headquarters in Brussels.

The delegation was led by Zhu Shouchen, the Executive Secretary of All-China

Journalists Association (ACJA).


members of the delegation were: Kang Julin ( Deputy Secretary General of

Economic Daily), Shen Hairong ( Deputy Director of the Current News Department

of the Liberation Army Daily), Li Zizhuang (editor of Study Publishing House),

Sun Zhengyi (Deputy Director of the Domestic Affairs Department of All-China

Journalists Association), Liang Xihong ( Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China

Culture Journal), Wu Zhenbiao (Vice President of Shanghai Journalists

Association), Zhong Yechang ( Editor-in-Chief of Hainan Daily Press Group),

Huang Zhucheng (President of Guangxi TV station) Fan Sancheng ( Member of

Editors' Committee of Beijing Daily), Zeng Chongming ( Deputy Editor-in-Chief

of Xishuangbanna Journal in Yunnan Province) and Wang Juyi ( Deputy Director of

the International Liaison Department of All-China Journalists Association).


visit to the IFJ gives us an opportunity to continue the dialogue and

learn from each other," said Jim Boumelha, IFJ President who received the

delegation. "Dialogue is a process and our door will always be open to you. The

IFJ is committed to frank and open exchange of views."


visiting delegation heard presentations from staff members on the work of the

IFJ including projects, communications, campaigns and human rights as well as

its activities related to gender equality in journalism. The IFJ also raised

the issue of jailed journalists in China with the delegation and invited proposals

for moving the dialogue forward in a more focused way.


briefed the IFJ on the mandate and role of the ACJA as well as on media

regulations concerning journalists from Makau and Hong Kong. He called for strengthening

relations with the IFJ through consultation on IFJ China-related publications and

regular visits to avoid misunderstandings and ensure accurate reporting.


ACJA is willing to participate in IFJ activities and to liaise with the Hong Kong Office," he added.


two parties agreed to exchange ideas for implementing the resolutions from the

IFJ visit to China

in 2008, including the joint forum for discussion and to move to detailed

discussions during future meetings.

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