Executive Committee Meeting, 29-30 November 2003, New-Delhi

Minutes the Executive and Administrative Committee Meeting (WORD):

Minutes of the IFJ Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes of the IFJ Administrative Committee

Documents for the Executive Committee Meeting on 29-30 November 2003 (WORD):

Draft Agenda

Registration Form

General Secretary's Report

IFJ-GAM Agreement (Appendix I)

Draft working rules for next Congress (Appendix II)

Cover page to the Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's report

Financial report (Excel file)

EFJ Report

Authors' Rights Campaign: June-November 2003

Report of the IFJ Project Division

Activity Report: Public Broadcasting & Globalisation

Draft Programme for IFJ Congress in 2004

Journalists @ Your Service Help Centre

IFJ Prize Projects

IFJ Tolerance Prize: Report of the Global Co-ordinator

Asia-Pacific Regional Office Report

Annex : Protests Issued by the IFJ Asia Pacific Office from 6 May 2003

Middle East Regional Report

Africa Regional Report

Report of the Regional Office for Latin America

Regional Office for Latin America : Activities (Excel)

Human Rights Safety Fund Report

Gender Council Report

Regional Strategy

Membership applications:

Austria / Kunst, Medien, Sports, freie Berufe (Constitution)

Jordanian Press Association-Outline

Jordanian Press Association-History

Kosova: Association of Professional Journalists

Malta Press Club (TMPC)

Bahrain Journalists Association

Albania:North Union of Journalists

Serbia : UNS additionnal cover letter

Serbia : UNS application-form

Serbia : UNS constitution

Serbia : UNS Court of Honour decision

Serbia : UNS Kodeks

Switzerland, SSM : Request to delay membership status

Additional documents (UK institute of Journalists, NUJ Pakistan, Timor Lorosa's Journalists Association) have been sent on paper to all Executive Committee members