EFJ Calls on Greece to Guarantee Viable Journalism Amidst Crisis Turmoil

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today expressed its concern over the deterioration

noted in Greece's

print media, especially at a time when the need for credibility in the press is

more urgent than ever.

"We call on Greek national and local

authorities as well as media owners to make their utmost to guarantee the

existence of viable journalism in Greece" said the EFJ President Arne


Aside from the complete deregulation of labor

relations, it is alarming to see newspapers with a long-standing presence in

the field on the brink of closure. The most characteristic examples are the Athens daily Eleftherotypia and the Thessaloniki daily Macedonia. Eleftherotypia is inexorably linked with the country's post-dictatorship history, having

expressed with consistency and intensity the country's progressive voices. Macedoniahas just marked its

hundredth anniversary, a paper that single-handedly manifests the history of

press in Northern Greece. And yet, journalists

at both of these papers have remain unpaid for the past four months, while

their publishers seem incapable of handling the weight of responsibility

carried by the possession of such significant titles.

"The crisis cannot excuse blatant situations

such as unpaid journalists for several months. Publishers' duty to preserve and

sustain such historic newspapers is not only owed to the journalists, it's

behooved of them by the public good of information to citizen as the country is

amidst its worse crisis since decades", said König.

The EFJ supports its affiliates, the

Journalists' Union of Athens Daily Newspaper and the Journalists' Union of

Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspaper in their opposition to the closures. Their

struggle coincides with demonstrations which are taking place across the

country to commemorate the repression of students' uprising by the military

junta on 17 November 1973.

The EFJ is the regional

group of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
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