EFJ Backs Strike over Unpaid Wages at Serbian TV station


European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today expressed their outrage over a

complete neglect of journalists' right to strike for five-month overdue

salaries at the Serbian TV station Avala.


to the EFJ affiliate, the Journalists' Union of Serbia (JUS), the station's 170

employees have not been paid for the last five months and their social and

health insurance was cancelled for 2012. 


on-going strike began on 22 December 2011, after the union's demand has been

ignored, and the competent authorities refused to deal with the matter. The

management also threathened to call the police if the strike continues.

"We are appalled by

the behaviours of the management of TV Avala who blatantly ignored the

trade union rights of our colleagues and refused to open social dialogues with

the union," said EFJ President Arne König.

"Employers have a legal

obligation to pay their employees

and workers. If employees are not paid in a timely manner, repercussion must be

put in place to prevent exploitations of workers,"

"We call on the competent authorities

in Serbia to ensure that the labour rights of journalists are upheld," said König.

The EFJ will write to the competent authorities in Serbia and

urge them to resolve the situation in TV Avala,

according in accordance with laws and practices exisiting in the Eureopan Union.



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