EFJ Backs Cyprus Journalists’ in Condemnation of Threats against Newspaper

The International Federation of Journalists and its regional group the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today condemned an attack on the newspaper Africa in the northern part of Cyprus by protestors who claimed the newspaper was supporting terrorism.

“We condemn this latest attack, which shows clearly the hostility to free and independent press in the northern part of Cyprus,” said Arne König, EFJ chair.

Last week the right-wing group Grey Wolves and Turkish settlers held a large demonstration against “terrorism” by Kurdish rebels in Turkey. The demonstrators gathered outside of Africa’s offices, threatening its journalists.

The protestors claimed that the newspaper published the photos of eight abducted Turkish soldiers that were first put on a Kurdish website. They accused the newspaper of being the “voice” of the Kurdish group. The demonstrators also put a black wreath in front of newspaper’s door.

The Union of Cyprus Journalists condemned the protest in front of the newspaper office and threats against the journalists working for Africa. The union believes that “this is another attack against press freedom and freedom of express in the northern part of Cyprus by the fascists and the Grey Wolves,” that is being tolerated by the regime.

“We stand in solidarity with our colleagues in Cyprus and call on the authorities to protect the staff at Africa,” König said.

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