Another Journalist Killed in Balochistan

The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate the Pakistan Federal Union

of Journalists (PFUJ) in strongly condemning the killing of another journalist,

in what has been a series of targeted attacks in Balochistan Province,

Pakistan, throughout 2012.


According to

media reports, Rehmatullah Abid, a senior journalist working with the Dunya News

TV Channel, was sitting in a shop when unknown armed men, riding a motorcycle,

opened fire, shooting and killing him instantly.


The incident

occurred on Sunday, November 18, in the Washbood Area of the Panjgur District, some 600 kilometres away from Quetta, the provincial capital of



Local Police

cordoned off the area as a crime scene, but no arrests have been made and no

group has claimed responsibility for the killing. According to family members

of Abid, he had no known enemies.


In a statement,

PFUJ President Pervaiz Shaukat, demanded action from both “the federal and

provincial governments to check this deplorable trend in which journalists are

being targeted mercilessly.” He further demanded that “stern action [be] taken

against those bent upon gagging freedom of the press.” He elaborated that the

situation in Balochistan was very tense and difficult for journalists, and had

demanded that the Governor and Chief Minister of the province provide security

for their colleagues, but no practical steps had been taken in this regard.



Secretary-General Amin Yousaf said that there was a deterioration of law and

order, where journalists are targeted by various elements.


The IFJ joins the

PFUJ in demanding that the provincial governments immediately conduct a thorough and independent investigation to

ascertain a motive and identify the killers, and again calls on the Government

of Pakistan to act in accordance with a commitment to protecting the lives of

journalists and ending the culture of impunity.


Pakistan is ranked as the world’s most dangerous country to work as a journalist.


According to PFUJ estimates close to 25 journalists have

been killed in Balochistan province alone in the past three years.



report on the State of

Journalism in Balochistan Province, released on World Press Freedom

Day 2012, is available on the IFJ website here.






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