Organising Turkey’s human rights based journalism fit for the digital age

Working with journalists’ unions the project will target non-unionised journalists and media workers, prosecuted and sacked journalists under the state of emergency, mid-career journalists needing to adapt to the new online work practices and digital start-up entrepreneurs.

It will carry out workshops, training, campaigns and programmes to:

  • improve working conditions through raised public awareness of workers’ social and labour rights among journalists and media workers in 20 regions
  • provide solidarity to post coup journalists persecuted for their work and now prosecuted or unemployed by media closures, especially through the establishment of a solidarity fund
  • train journalists on human rights and professional journalism for the digital media to counter the post truth culture
  • provide financial support for digital media start-ups through sub-granting programme 

Location: Turkey

Dates: 2018- 2021

This project receives the financial support of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) Program managed by the European Commission.