#GazetecilikSuçDegildir / #JournalismIsNotaCrime

Campaign to set journalism free, develop trade union rights and defend freedom of expression in Turkey

In the face of a major crackdown on media freedom and the rights of journalists, this project will help provide support and solidarity to journalists across Turkey.

At its heart is an understanding that promoting and protecting fundamental rights through enhancing the role of journalists in promoting democracy, good governance and public’s right to access information is essential. Strengthening the position of journalists and their ability to perform their role in serving the public with informed independent critical journalism is the bedrock of democracy.

At the heart of that objective is the need to build a strong national journalists’ union that can protect and represent its members, will promote the profession, promote the rights of its workers and the standards of journalism.

Key objectives include:

• Improve journalists’ rights, safety and independence through a strengthened Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) that can protect professional and labour rights and improve conditions;
• Tackle  judicial harassment of journalists and work for the release of remaining jailed journalists.
• Improve coverage of equality and minority issues by media and improve treatment of minorities in media