Threats to press freedom are impeding the public's right to know. Media restrictions, the closure of local newspapers, controlled public service media, precarity and insecurity, intimidation and violence against media workers are among the many ways press freedom is being curtailed just at the very time when the Covid-19 pandemic is threatening lives and the entire global economy.

At this time journalists and quality journalism are essential.

This year the IFJ will mark World Press Freedom Day by ringing alarm bells against the threats to press freedom and by reaffirming the vital importance of providing citizens with truthful, verified, unbiased information. Facing a global pandemic, the public's right to know is more important than ever to protect their and others lives and to best respond to an impending economic crisis.

The IFJ is calling on governments to provide journalists with all the security and independence they need  for doing their jobs, stop interfering with the press and provide acrued transparency in their decisions.

IFJ activities to mark World Press Freedom Day will focus on :

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