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UN Member states acknowledged in the 1995 Beijing platform the important role media plays in shaping the public’s perception of women in society and their role in the advancement of women, but recent studies highlight how little progress has been made and the continued use of gender-based stereotypes in the media. 

Women usually make up more than half of all journalism students. However, they represent less than half of the media work force, struggle to reach leading positions, and comprise the majority of those in precarious jobs with lower wages. They also tend to report on fewer topics related to politics and economics, instead covering health and education and so-called soft news issues. In addition, they are  increasingly the targets of cyberviolence.

Gender equality IS a union issue. The role that female colleagues should play in the media, as well as their presence in our own organisations must form part of what we call “the future of journalism”.

This year’s campaign around the 8th of March is an opportunity for the IFJ and its members to demonstrate how women can overcome these obstacles, to showcase women's successes in the media  world and in our labour unions.

Let’s make women more visible in our media and our unions!

Our campaign also denounces the associated discrimination that women face – from issues of equal pay and lack of job security to biased recruitment processes.

It will feature data, stories and tips to make fundamental changes and see more women in senior roles or in particular types of reporting.

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Take action!

Rise up!

Organise an event (a protest, a discussion, a report, a survey, a leaflet) in your  country or region around 8th March – the possibilities are endless! We can help with ideas, graphics and more.


Share our visuals and infographics for the campaign using #8March #WomenNow


Share our testimonials focusing on both the discrimination faced and on how women have overcome such gender bias.

Good practices

Send us any report/survey/statistics highlighting these issues in your country or region. You can send them to [email protected]

Help us collect testimonials

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