In an evolving media landscape, the influence of China in reshaping the entire global information environment cannot be understated. As the world’s media confronts the economic and professional fallout of digital disruption and now the Covid-19 pandemic, China’s international strategy to exert influence on foreign media has become increasingly sophisticated and influential.

Over the past decade, this international engagement has seen local media outlets from Africa to Europe to Latin America sign MOUs with Chinese media and with China’s perspective on major issues amplified in a way like never before. Likewise, the ability of China-backed outlets to buck market trends, influence alternative narratives and invest heavily in new digital products is tilting the media playing field in new directions that warrant closer examination. 

IFJ is working to build awareness, dialogue on media engagement on China media issues at the international level on issues of labour rights and future of media, while also continuing to strengthen and support media freedom monitoring and advocacy in the East Asia region.

This portal has been established to help understand China’s rising global media voice. It brings together innovative and ground-breaking IFJ-led research, news and experiences from IFJ affiliates around the world, as well as NGO partners engaged in the China and media development space. An important aim of this work is helping journalists and their unions to better understand the risks and rewards for working with China.