Improving reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment

This joint ILO/IFJ programme will provide key tools and knowledge to journalists from target countries to report professionally and ethically on forced labour and fair recruitment stories.

Activities will help to boost and improve the quality of the reporting on the sensitive issues of fair recruitment and forced labour, increase the professional media standards in targeted countries and build a network of media professionals reporting on these issues around the world.

Working with journalists, their organisations and ILO experts on forced labour and fair recruitment, the project aims to:

  • Increase media coverage of forced labour and fair recruitment stories in countries that are either part of migration corridors or target project countries.
  • Helping journalists to find and understand stories related to these issues and to report on them using proper vocabulary
  • Improve editorial and professional standards
  • Make a real impact on society by promoting public awareness and solutions through the sensitisation of media to labour recruitment issues and abuses

Key activities will include:

  • International and national trainings of professional journalists from 15 different countries
  • Dissemination of a toolkit on media reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment
  • Organising a workshop in Jordan gathering experts and journalists from target countries
  • Developing national trainings in selected countries to spread the use of the toolkit
  • Disseminating stories and reports from training participants and sharing good case studies on these issues
  • Creating and moderating a networking group with media professionals covering forced labour and fair recruitment stories

Location: Global

Dates: 2018 – 2020