To mark the International Day to End Impunity for crimes committed against journalists on 2 November, the IFJ is calling on governments, across the world, journalists and media groups to support the adoption of a UN Convention on the safety and independence of journalists and other media professionals.

Despite many protocols, guidelines and proposals, journalists still face a daily threat – and impunity continues to make the situation worse. Nine in every ten killings of a journalist remains in impunity.

Every day journalists are attacked, beaten, detained, harassed and threatened for doing their job and yet, there remains no binding international instrument that would force Member States to investigate and respond to attacks against the media. The ongoing threats to journalists' digital safety including cyber-attacks, data stealing, hacking and online harassment threaten the safety of news professionals making it even more urgent to adopt an instrument that would force governments to address impunity.

It is this – and a growing frustration with a lack of action and, in too many cases, a lack of will to tackle the crisis of impunity - which has driven the IFJ to  launch a campaign for the adoption an International Convention dedicated to the protection of journalists and media professionals. 

This important text has been carefully drafted to ensure there will be no gap in the protection of journalists' safety and that governments will commit to tackle ongoing threats that are not only impacting journalists' rights and lives but also seriously threatening the public's right to know.

Today, join our global call for an International Convention on the Safety and Independence of Journalists and Other Media Professionals.

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