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The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) was launched during a congress in Abuja, Nigeria in 2007.

This has Since been followed by three working congresses – one in Nairobi in 2008, one in Harare in 2010 and one in Casablanca in 2013.

From the start, journalist trade unions and associations affiliated to the International Federation of Journalists came together to form a continental body of journalists’ trade unions in the media industry in Africa.

They represented the interests of their members in all media sectors, including electronic, broadcasting and print, and those working as reporters, presenters, producers, freelances or even editors at national, regional and international level.

Their common objective was to work to improve the social and professional rights of their members, be they full time or freelance. FAJ is now the most representative, independent and democratic journalists’ movement in Africa.

The organisation has a mandate “to enforce trade union development in the media industry in Africa, to address professional matters, to protect and defend freedom of expression and information as well as journalists’ human rights, as laid down in the Declaration of Principles of Freedom of Expression in Africa”.

Being the first and largest democratic continental body of journalists that can provide adequate and effective representation for African journalists at Pan-African level, its launch meeting was hailed as a historical landmark on the road to achieving the unity of African journalists.

The federation has scored several key successes in its endeavour to promote and protect the rights of journalists. It immediately received recognition and support from its parent organisation, the IFJ, and swiftly claimed its rightful position at the African Union, which recognised it as the legitimate voice of journalists and journalism in Africa.

It also attracts high-level participation and support from UNESCO and its agencies. Forging alliances with those outside the media community and trade union movement with similar objectives, it has already established an impressive track record in advocating social, political and economic advancement.

At its March 2013 Congress, FAJ elected Nigerian Mohamed Garba as its President.


Members of the FAJ Directorate Committee:  

President: GARBA Mohammed (Nigeria) ; Opens window for sending emailmohgar(at)yahoo(dot)com

Treasurer: NKUNDIYE Stanis (RDC) ; Opens window for sending emailsnkundiye@yahoo.fr

ROGERIO, Maria (Angola) ; Opens window for sending emailmalurogerio(at)hotmail(dot)com

NIYUNGEKO Alexandre (Burundi) ; Opens window for sending emailniyalex2000(at)yahoo(dot)fr

NDIAYE Ibrahima (Senegal) ; Opens window for sending emailnjaay(at)yahoo(dot)fr

MUHELDIN Ahmed Idris (Soudan) ; Opens window for sending emailm_titawi@yahoo.com

DONGOZI Foster (Zimbabwe) ; Opens window for sending emailfosterdongozi(at)yahoo(dot)com

TETTEH Adje Kpatagnon (Togo); Opens window for sending emailcredote(at)yahoo(dot)fr

MOHAMED BACHIR Chakakou (Tunisie); Opens window for sending emailchakakou(at)yahoo(dot)fr 



FAJ Working Programme

In its working programme (2013-2016) The Federation of African Journalists will continue to endeavour to strengthen the capacity of its affiliates in building strong unions at national level.

Read the FAJ Working Programme Initiates file downloadHERE

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