Turkey: Press conference to support press freedom to be held on 24.03

A man holds up a placard as people demonstrate in support of Turkish daily newspaper Zaman in front the headquarters in Istanbul on March 4, 2016. An Istanbul court on Friday ordered into administration the Turkish daily newspaper Zaman that is sharply critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, amid growing alarm over freedom of expression in the country.

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On March 24, 2016 at 17:00, a press conference  in support for “freedom of information and freedom for journalists” in Turkey  will be held in the district of Cağaloğlu  in Istanbul, where representative of national and international professional media organisations will gather together.

The conference is the result of a joint ongoing campaign launched by the Journalists Association of Turkey (TGC), the Journalists' Union of Turkey (TGS), the Progressive Journalists Association (CGD), DISK-Basin Is trade union, Haber Sen trade union and the Turkish national  press institute  to set  imprisoned journalists free.  

International media organisations. including IFJ and EFJ, support this campaign and will be present at the conference tomorrow. A number of important court decisions involving journalists are to be set in the upcoming  days.  

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