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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned.

Read some of the news highlights from Friday 28th November to Friday 2nd December:

1.Opens external link in new window Journalists in Turkey being arrested and harassed

2. Opens external link in new windowEU neither specified propaganda, nor gave Russian media right to defend – IFJ president to RT

3. Opens external link in new windowLa FIP pide liberar al periodista condenado en Panamá por escribir sobre fraude

4. Opens external link in new windowWorld human rights NGO urges end to Zunar’s 'harassment'

5. Opens external link in new windowViolencia de Género. Asociaciones de periodistas alertan sobre la violencia creciente contra las mujeres informadoras

6. Opens external link in new windowPress body condemns inhuman treatment of journalist in Yemen by Houthis

7. Opens external link in new windowSans liberté de presse, il n’y a pas de développement , déclare le Premier ministre malgache

8. Opens external link in new windowPeriodistas alemanes le dan la espalda al presidente Varela

9. Opens external link in new windowProtestan por periodista preso en inauguración de Conferencia Anticorrupción

10. Opens external link in new windowCancillería señala que ha “brindado todo el apoyo” en caso de periodista holandés

11. Opens external link in new windowHacen llamado de atención al gobierno

12. Opens external link in new windowPanama: IFJ/EFJ urge authorities to release journalist Okke Ornstein

13. Opens external link in new windowPeriodismo entre dos fuegos

14. Opens external link in new windowFIP y ANP lamentan la muerte de 21 periodistas en accidente aéreo

15. Opens external link in new windowAumentan los ataques contra mujeres periodistas 

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