Gender equity: Call for entries for IFJ graphic and slogan contest

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is committed to gender equity in all its work, and is launching a contest for creative expressions of women’s rights.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, join up in making Gender Equity a reality! Create a powerful graphic/logo or a witty slogan that packs a punch on any or both the following two themes 

  • Combating online harassment of women journalists
  • Increasing the number of women in media unions


  • There is no age or gender restriction, but entrants must be residents of any country in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Original graphics/logos in colour or black and white must be 3x3 cm, 600 dpi in jpg format. Graphics and logos must not contain text.
  • Slogans limited to five words can be in any language in use in the Asia Pacific region. These must be submitted in text via e.mail along with an English translation.
  • No restriction on number of entries, but please note that submissions will not be returned.
  • Two winners (one each for logo/graphic and slogan) will be awarded a certificate and featured on the IFJ blog.
  • IFJ reserves the right to use the winning entries in campaign material.
  • The last date for submission is February 26, 2017. Submit entries to: ifj(at)ifj-asia(dot)org  



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