Brussels: IFJ joins the conference "SOS Press Freedom in Turkey"

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)'s President, Philippe Leruth, will be one of the speakers at the conference "SOS Press Freedom in Turkey" in Residence Palace, Brussels, on 26 October from 7 to 10PM Brussels time.

The Initiates file downloadconference is part of the campaign Opens external link in new window#SOSTurkey run by the Kurdish Institute and it will tackle the worrying situation of press freedom in Turkey, where Opens external link in new windowaround 160 journalists remain behind bars and 180 media outlets have been shut down since the  failed coup attempt on 15th of July 2016.

The IFJ has also joined the campaign's platform and cosigned a Initiates file downloadtext aiming at forming "a broad solidarity network in suport for those suffering from the purges and demanding a democratization of Turkey."  

For more information, please contact IFJ on + 32 2 235 22 16

The IFJ represents more than 600,000 journalists in 141 countries

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