The Journalists Union of Moldova Prepares for Transformation

The Journalists Union of Moldova (JUM) and the IFJ organised a leadership workshop to discuss possible changes of JUM and its existing structure to become a trade union either through transformation or through the creation of a new organisation.

The workshop took place last December in Chisinau and was organised within the framework of the IFJ’s LO-TCO programme entitled “Recruitment and Organising in CEE”.

The workshop gathered 16 journalists, of which 8 were females. They were both union and non-union members and discussed the future challenges faced by the organisation which has been facing a difficult situation in the last couple of years.

Organised by the IFJ, the Journalist Union of Moldova and the Journalists Club “Ten-Plus”, international experts and local experts including a lawyer came together to discuss issues of recruitment, organizing, communication and capacity building.

By the end of the workshop, it was agreed by participants to create a special committee of 5 journalists to plan activities for the next two years.

The participants agreed an initial timeframe for action which will include the creation of a register of media organisations, a register of active journalists, the launch of a legal assistance programme for journalists, recruitment and trade union related materials as well as a series of recruitment seminars and master-classes delivered by well-known journalists.

The project will enter in its second phase in January 2015.


For more information, please contact IFJ on + 32 2 235 22 17

The IFJ represents more than 600 000 journalists in 134 countries



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