Mapping Changes in Employment

In 2012 the EFJ and EURO-MEI carried out a joint project on mapping changes in employment in the media and journalism industry.

The project assessed the impact of employment changes in the media and journalism industry on journalists and media workers. It analysed the employment changes and illustrated how these changes impact on trade union representation and organising. The survey focuses on two case studies, France and the U.K, but also takes into consideration other countries.
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- the summary, conclusions and recommendations (English / Français) or

- the Complete survey (English only)


Contact: Opens window for sending emailYuk Lan Wong


The EFJ is the European group of the International Federation of Journalists The EFJ represents over 260,000 journalists in 30 countries.

UNI MEI represents 140 unions and guilds and 300 000 workers in the media and entertainment industries in over 70 countries worldwide. 



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