Projects are central to the IFJ’s work helping fund campaigns, trainings and solidarity actions, engage with journalist leaders and influence policy makers around the world. They raise the profile of our members and the issues we promote, provide scarce resources to unions battling to survive and protect the interests of journalists in often turbulent media environments.

Projects help implement the IFJ working programme so that motions on labour rights, safety, impunity, press freedom, gender equality, discrimination and ethical journalism, can all be addressed.

Over the last Congress period (2010-2012) IFJ had an average annual project budget of 2.5 million euros, making projects crucial for the IFJ to turn policies and principles into practical action on the ground.

The projects are run regionally in Africa, Asia, Middle east and Arab World, Europe and Latin America, ensuring a global programme and designed to meet the following priority themes:

· Trade Union Development

· Press Freedom

· Safety

· Professional and Ethical standards

· Gender Equality

For further information on IFJ Projects see the strategic overview, including main themes, areas of work and donors, provided in the 2013 Congress report.