Freelances' Rights

Freelance journalism is no longer an "atypical" form of work. In many countries the majority of journalists are freelances. Many are journalists who would prefer traditional employment and have been forced into what we call "fake freelance" positions by employers who break local rules on employment by using freelances to fill full-time posts while avoiding state welfare and social charges.

Some appreciate the freedom, variety and flexibility of independent employment and feel it is increasingly the natural mode of work for journalists. The challenge of a freelance future is a test for journalists' unions in Europe and around the world.

Contracts and fees, training, authors' rights, and professional standards are all key issues for the freelance community of journalists.

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) Authors Rights Expert Group (AREG) and the Freelance Experts' Group (FREG) therefore strive to defend and to promote freelance rights. We say to our staff colleagues: in order to defend your rights and conditions of work, you can do nothing more effective than to promote the highest standards for freelances.


The Freelance Experts’ Group’s focus for the coming years’ is based on the EFJ’s working programme:

•Relaunch the Charter of Freelance Rights and promote it at national and European level;

•Continue to organise webinars on issues important to European freelances;

•Organise training seminars, including on safety, if funding is available, with the help of EFJ secretariat;

•Collect information on business models and new ways on how freelance journalism is paid for;

•Monitor EU legislation and advocate for protection of freelance working conditions and decent fees, and the right to organise freelances in trade unions;

•Support EFJ Unfair contract campaign;

•Consider recruitment of freelance journalists in all media as an important angle in all discussions (see mapping project);

•Support unions and their support to freelance members in South Eastern Europe.

FREG is closely co-operating with the AREG and the LAREG in its activities;


Click on the picture to open a PDF version of our Charter of Freelance Rights: