WAJA: West African Journalists Association

Members of journalists’ trade unions and associations from the fifteen ECOWAS countries and Mauritania have organized themselves into a professional body known as the West African Journalists Association (WAJA).

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Its headquarters are situated in Dakar, Senegal. The aim of WAJA is to provide a common platform and meeting point for West African journalist groupings to carry out joint actions that contribute to the attainment of freedom of expression and the free and uncensored flow of information.

WAJA objectives are:

- Respect for fundamental human rights including respect for freedom of expression and freedom of the press

- Improvement of access to information and its circulation

- Skilled, knowledgeable and ethical journalists who carry out their work without fear

- Improvement of working conditions of journalists

- Unity, solidarity and cooperation among journalists at the national, regional and international levels

- Strong links with media organisations and other stakeholders – government, non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, human rights institutions at the national, regional and global levels

- Peaceful societies that tolerate each other and co-exist harmoniously in spite of ethnic, religious, linguistic, gender, physical, age, political and other differences;

- Democratic societies where the rights of all are respected and maintained.

EAJA: Eastern African Journalists Association

In September 2007, the leaders of national journalists’ unions and associations in eastern Africa met in Djibouti to re-launch the Eastern African Journalists Association (EAJA), which serves as the sub-regional organization of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

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EAJA's strong governance structures have constituted an important factor contributing to EAJA's success. With elected officials answerable to the wider membership, a strong sense of accountability and transparency permeate the organisation.

EAJA is an association which requires that its National affiliates be locally registered in their respective countries to ensure that they are legal entities. EAJA advocates for freedom of expression and the respect for freedom of association for journalists throughout the region.

EAJA’s affiliate unions are the national journalists’ unions and associations of Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

It covers Eritrea where there is no journalists’ organization, and the newly born African nation of South Sudan. EAJA represents 26,000 journalists in eastern Africa region.

EAJA, which has observer status at the African Union and working relation with the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), campaigns to preserve and promote freedom of expression and of the press, and to protect and promote the rights and interests of journalists and other media workers.

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