About IFJ Africa Regional Office


The IFJ Africa Office was established in January 2002. To date, the Africa office has been vigorously working to strengthen the national unions and associations in the continent. 

The office focuses on the development of independent and quality journalism in support of democratic, social and economic development.

The IFJ Africa Office has in its fold more than 40 member organisations in the continent. The Office works to strengthen the unions and associations that will fight for the interests of all journalists at the country level.

The IFJ activities in Africa over the last years are centred on the following priorities:

- Trade union development

- Safety of journalists

- Relationship with public authorities

- Professional challenges

The past two decades in Africa have been characterised by various negative factors that have continued to impede the progress of the media. Most African governments have adopted obnoxious media legislations to ensure that they gag the independent press.

These included outrageous registration and licensing fees, archaic defamation laws that imprisoned journalists for their work,and forceful arrest and detention of journalists without trial. Journalists in Africa continue to receive death threats, face intimidation and harassment, arbitrary arrest and detention, and to be severely beaten and tortured. The media houses are relentlessly raided by state security agents and publications and media equipment seized and destroyed.

On the other hand, the public media in the continent continued to be monopolized by ruling parties and governments and in most instances are used as propaganda machineries. To meet these challenges the IFJ Africa Office has embarked on programmes and campaigns addressing:

- Fight against impunity

- Access to information

- Trade Union Development and Collective bargaining

- Press freedom and Freedom of Expression

- Safety of the journalists.



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