#SomosTélam – Support news agency workers' fight for jobs

More than 350 journalists and media workers – 40% of the workforce - have been sacked by the Argentine news agency Télam. The dismissals are an attack on union organization and media diversity and put at risk the future of the whole agency. They represent a brutal attempt by the government to control the editorial content of the agency.

The redundancies have even been ruled unlawful by the courts but the government refuses to reinstate the sacked journalists.

The workers were selected for redundancy based on their alleged political views and union activities by a new government-appointed management.

The workers – members of the Union of Press Workers of Buenos Aires are seeking redress. They have staged demonstrations, are filing a court action and are considering a complaint to the ILO. And they need your support.

Here’s how you can help:

• Use the model letter (in Initiates file downloadEnglish and Initiates file downloadSpanish) and send it to President Macri calling for reinstatement of the workers - Opens window for sending emaildocumentacionpresidencial(at)presidencia.gob(dot)ar

• Send a message of support to Telam workers at Opens window for sending emailprensa(at)sipreba(dot)org and Opens window for sending emailcgitelam(at)gmail(dot)com

• Follow the workers on social media #SomosTélam Twitter: Opens external link in new window@somostelam Facebook: Opens external link in new windowfacebook.com/somostelam - Instagram - //Instagram.com/somos.telam/

• Make representations to the Argentine embassy in your country – Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.mrecic.gov.ar/en/representaciones - see the model letter in Initiates file downloadEnglish and Initiates file downloadSpanish

For more background information on the dispute Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.telesurtv.net/english/opinion/Journalism-Has-Lost-Argentinas-Telam-News-Agency-Axes-Staff-20180629-0013.html Opens external link in new window

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.ifj.org/nc/fr/news-single-view/category/reports-publications-3/article/argentina-nueva-oleada-de-despidos-en-la-agencia-estatal-de-noticias-telam/