Mexico – reinforce measures to protect our colleagues!


Press freedom and journalists’ safety in Mexico are in serious danger. On 15 May, Javier Valdez, a journalist and an expert in covering issues relating to “narcotrafico”, was shot dead. His is killing is not the only one that threatens journalism in the country. Opens external link in new window12 journalists have been killed so far in 2017 and more than a hundred have died since 2000, according to figures compiled by the IFJ and its Mexican affiliate, Opens external link in new windowSindicato Nacional de Redactores de Prensa (SNRP).

Against this background the IFJ, together with the SNRP and the IFJ’s office in Buenos Aires, is launching an international campaign, both aimed at prompting investigations in to the attacks and improving security measures in order to prevent more attacks against our Mexican colleagues. We aim to put pressure on the authorities to ensure justice is done for the crimes committed.

On 30 June, we sent a letter to the President, Enrique Peña Nieto, urging him to show his commitment and political willingness by financially strengthening the Opens external link in new windowprotection mechanism for journalists, as well as the resources available to the Special Prosecutor in charge of investigating crimes against freedom of expression  - Opens external link in new windowFiscalía Especial para la Atención de Delitos cometidos contra la Libertad de Expresión (FEADLE).

Our President has also sent a letter to the Attorney General asking him to turn the fight against impunity into a priority for the Mexican justice system. 

Read all the solidarity messages from our affiliates to Mexican colleagues here.


  • We are asking all our affiliates to forward the letter to President Peña Nieto on behalf of their associations to the Mexican embassies in their countries. You can download the letter Initiates file downloadin English and Initiates file downloadin Spanish
  • We also encourage all our affiliates to meet the Ambassador and deliver the letter personally, taking pictures of the meeting and promoting it on social media tagging the IFJ (@IFJGlobal) on Twitter so that we can boost your actions
  • We ask you to publish some campaign Initiates file downloadvisuals (in Initiates file downloadEN, Initiates file downloadFR and Initiates file downloadES) on your social media again tagging the IFJ and the President Peña Nieto Nieto (@EPN), the SNRP (@snrpmex) and our office in Buenos Aires (@FIP_AL). You can also send solidarity messages to our Mexican union and colleagues to the following email address: Opens window for sending emailsnrpmxsrio(at)gmail(dot)com putting the IFJ in copy Opens window for sending emailCommunications(at)ifj(dot)org and post your messages on social media tagging us
  • Opens external link in new windowSuscribe to the SNRP newsletter and get their alerts - in Spanish. Spread their actions! 


Opens external link in new windowYou must respect fear, Carmen Arístegui and Oleguer Sarsanedas, Democracia Abierta (26 July)

Opens external link in new windowCan Mexico save its journalists?, Hugo Bachega, BBC News (4 July)


For any query, you can write to Esti Ortiz, from the IFJ Communications and Campaigns department in Brussels (EN-FR-ES): Opens window for sending emailesti.ortiz(at)ifj(dot)org