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Want to Join the IFJ?

The IFJ is a confederation of trade unions and associations of journalists - its members are organisations not individuals.

As an individual member of a union or association which is already in membership of the IFJ you are entitled to receive the IFJ's International Press Card - the most widely recognised and acknowledged accreditation for someone working journalism.

Membership of the IFJ is open to national organisations that represent journalists and defend their interests. No organisation can join the IFJ unless it is committed to principles of independent journalism and press freedom. The IFJ has two categories of membership.

Full members are trade unions who also defend the social rights of journalists as well as their professional status. Associate members do not function as a trade union but defend and represent the professional interests of journalists.

Membership of the IFJ grants access to the IFJ Press Card and the IFJ's regional network as well as the International Safety Fund which provides humanitarian support to journalists in need.

Application for IFJ Membership

To apply for membership of the IFJ please download, complete and return the application form below to the General Secretary of the IFJ.  

Before completing the form and questionnaire read the attached notes carefully. All questions marked SEE NOTE have an accompanying note. 

Download the application form Initiates file downloadHERE, fill it in, print it and send it with enclosures to:

The General Secretary
International Federation of Journalists
Résidence Palace, 155 rue de la Loi (Bloc C)
1040 Brussels

For Further Information contact the IFJ at the above address, or tel: +32-2-235 22 00, fax: +32-2-235 22 19; or e-mail: ifj(at)ifj(dot)org

You can also email the relevant regional office.