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Latin America

The Latin America and Caribbean office of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) represents 14 affiliated organisations in the region and over 60,000 journalists and media workers.  


These trade unions are also part of the Journalists Federation for Latin America and Caribe (FEPALC), which was formed in 2004. The main goal of the office is to protect the rights, freedom and safety of journalists in the region and promote unity and solidarity. 

Upcoming IFJ events in the region include a Gender Conference and the Regional Meeting. 

Visit the IFJ Latin America website to find out more. 



The Africa office of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) was established in 2002.


The office focuses on strengthening the national journalists unions and associations in Africa. It is also works on the development of independent and quality journalism in support of democratic, social and economic development.  

The Africa office serves as Secretariat for the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) and represents 40 members organisations across the continent, while also running trade union development, press freedom and safety of journalists activities, as well as campaigns on access to information.

Visit the IFJ Africa website to find out more. 



The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) is the largest organisation of journalists in Europe, representing over 320. 000 journalists in 38 countries.


Our upcoming activities include the conferences on Confronting Austerity in Journalism in Vienna, Journalism Ethics: Creating Diveristy and Inclusiveness in the Media in Wuzburg, and finally the EFJ Annual Meeting in Moscow.

Visit our website to find out more. 


Middle East & Arab World

The International Federation of Journalists has 19 members unions from 17 countries in the Arab World and Middle East (AWME) region.


During the last ten years, the IFJ has developed an extensive working programme in the region, run from its headquarters in Brussels. These programmes include union building and trade union development, media safety, press freedom and legal reform, gender equality, media ethics, and self regulation and human rights journalism.  

In the first half of this year, the IFJ is organising four key activities: 

(1) Four national meetings on safety of journalists in yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq; (2) IFJ regional meeting for unions in AWME; (3) Training of Trainers workshop on Human Rights journalism; (4) Launching conference from the MedMedia programme.

Visit the IFJ AWME English website or AWME Arabic website to find out more. 


Asia Pacific

The IFJ Asia Pacific is the largest organisation of media workers in the region, representing journalists in 27 countries.


Upcoming activities include the South Asia Media Solidarity Network sub-regional meeting in Kathmandu, union leadership, media rights monitoring and the end impunity campaign.

Training programs are also planned across Asia, along with gender rights training in south Asia, and a year-round China Press Freedom project which involves the reporting and mapping of press violations in China.

Visit the IFJ Asia Pacific website to find out more.


North America & Canada

While the International Federation of Journalists does not have an office in the United States of America and Canada, it represents three US affiliates, SAG-AFTRA, the National Writers Union and the Newspaper Guild-CWA, and one Canadian affiliate, Unifor.


The main priority for unions in the region remains sustaining quality jobs in the media industry which is deeply challenged by changes related to the distribution of information on the internet. 

Visit the websites of SAG-AFTRA, National writers Union, the Newspaper Guild-CWA and Unifor. 



Philippe Leruth, new IFJ President following the 29th World Congress

Belgian journalist and trade unionist Opens external link in new windowPhilippe Leruth, from AJP, is the new IFJ President following the elections that took place during the 29th World Congress in June in Angers, France. In his speech, Leruth pointed the unity and the financial situation as the main challenges he will be facing during his 3-year mandate.