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Iraq – IJS is hosting the national event of WPFD in cooperation with UNESCO Baghdad office. The event is focusing on press freedom and the journalists’ safety crisis. 

Palestine – PJS is organizing a national demonstration in down town Ramallah in solidarity with 26 Palestinian journalists  jailed in Israel who are on hunger  strike. The demonstration will travel to a hill in the outskirt of Ramallah overseeing the Israeli Ofar prison where some journalists are held. 

Sudan – SJU is organising a conference on press freedom in the country. 

Morocco – SNPM will issue its annual press freedom report.

Tunisia – SNJT will issue its annual press freedom report. 

Italy – In the framework of the Festival of Human Rights running from May 2nd to May7th , FNSI will organise on 2 May – together with Articolo21, Amnesty International Italy, Usigrai, Association of Journalists of Lazio, Pressing NoBavaglio and other organizations – a sit-in in front of the Turkish embassy in Rome, where they will read the names of the 149 journalists jail in Turkey.  

Cyprus – the 3 unions/associations from Turkish and Greek communities, including UCJ and Basin Sen, will issue a joint statement and call for media freedom on 3 May. 

India –  launch of IFJ/SAMSN South Asia Press Freedom Report in New Delhi on 2 May. The activity  is supported by UNESCO and NMFA.

Nepal – launch of the South Asia Press Freedom Report  supported by UNESCO. FNJ will present the report.

Thailand – NUJT and UNESCO  will organize a World Press Freedom Day event in Bangkok.

Indonesia – AJI is hosting South East Asia Journalist Unions  in Jakarta for World Press Freedom Day. 

Belgium – Difference Day with the support and participation of EFJ and Macedonian affiliates from AJM, more info Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.differenceday.com.

Turkey – TU is organising a leadership training with TGS and is participating in a public protest with IFJ affiliates. It also hold an evening conference with local journalists and CSOs. 

Kenya – KUJ is orgaising a one-day conference with participation of journalists, government officials, academics and civil society. The celebrations will culminate to a gala night for Media Awards. KUJ will deliver a speech during the opening ceremony to be attended by President of Kenya. KUJ will also participate in panel discussions alongside Kenya Correspondent Association on safety of journalists and general welfare, including remuneration of journalists.

Afghanistan – AIJA is launching country annual report with IFJ and SAMSN report in 30 provinces on country level in presence of provincial officials including governors, media and civil society representatives. 5 top journalists of the year will be granted with appriciation letters for their best works. The union seeks national and international support to sponsor some of their provincial launches and programmes on WPFD.

Perú – on 3 and 4 May, ANP will organise a Opens external link in new window"Latin American conference on threats to freedom of expression" at the University Jaime Bausate y Meza. During the conference the following Opens external link in new windowtopics will be discussed:

  • Self-censorship, journalistic ethics and fake news
  • Security of journalists in the digital era: women and LGBT community
  • Hate speech in the media
  • Transparency of public information and access to it

Australia – on the evening of 2 May, MEAA will publish its Opens external link in new window13th annual press freedom report The Chilling EffectOpens external link in new windowThe Report into the State of Press Freedom in Australia in 2017; cataloguing concerns with laws, government, courts, national security agencies, whistleblower protection, industry regulation, the gender pay gap, industry redundancies, and impunity.

The report includes chapters on press freedom issues in New Zealand (contributed by a representative of the IFJ’s New Zealand affiliate E tū) and the Asia-Pacific (contributed by the IFJ Asia-Pacific office). 

Norway – NJ will mark the May 3rd Press Freedom Day with an event organised in cooperation with different editors, publishers and journalists organisations and Norway’s press council. The event will take place near the monument in Oslo raised in memory of the World War II illegal press in Norway. 

The union will also publish an article on the dramatic situation of Turkish media which will be availiable on its Opens external link in new windowwebsite.

Burkina Faso – AJB will organise several events at the Norbert Zongo national press centre. On 1 May, there will be held a football match between teams composed of press and media workers, unionists, lawyers and security workers. The 2nd of May will be devoted to the theme of safety and security of journalists. On 3 May, AJB will launch a panel discussion on "Security challenges in Burkina Faso: role and responsibility of media". 

AJB also plans to launch a prize that will be awarded to the best women journalists and a Norbert Zongo prize awarded for investigative journalism works. 

Uganda – The IFJ affiliates in Uganda and Burundi are jointly organising a 2-day meeting in Kampala, Uganda, on 3 an 4 May for the Burundian journalists in exile and those who remain in Burundi to mark the World Press Freedom Day. The meeting aims to strenghthen solidarity and running joint programmes on press freedom, security and protection of Burundian journalists.

India – IJU issued a statement on 1 May requesting the Government of India to impress upon the visiting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to immediately restore freedom of expression, protection of journalists and access to information and to create the conditions to enable the media to act as public or social watchdogs and inform the public on matters of general and public interest. IJU will also co-host the seminar “Status of Press Freedom & Turkish Situation” in Hyderabad city to mark the World Press Freedom Day.

Bulgaria – UBJ will hold a special conference to mark the day under the title "The freedom depens on you!" on 3 May in the Press Club "Journalists". The conference will include the following issues: freedom of speech, false news and the different pressures that journalists face. 

USA – Members of the NewsGuild, an IFJ affiliate, working for GateHouse Media and Digital First Media (DFM)'s media outlets will mark World Press Freedom Day by sending the following message to their employers: "Democracy Depends on Journalism: Invest in Us". Reporters and media workers at 29 publications owned by the two companies will "support the fight for quality journalism" and "highlight the damage wrought by draconian cuts" in their newsrooms and other departments. Activities will include displaying sings at workstations and appeals for public support. The Opens external link in new windowevents will mark the first coordinated display of solidarity by GateHouse and DFM workers and will remind the public that quality journalism matters #NewsMatters.

The NewsGuild-CWA is also launching a Opens external link in new windowpetition drive to highlight their Opens external link in new window'Right to Report' campaign

France – SNJ, SNG-CGT and CFDT-Journalistes, issued a Initiates file downloadjoint statement on 2 May on the alarming threats against press freedom from the increasing far-right in Europe and highlighting that without free media there is no real democracy. 

Somalia – NUSOJ is organising a world press day event in Mogadishu.

Djibouti – SPAD will organise a world press day event in Ryan Hotel in Djibouti Capital. SPAD is calling to djiboutian government to respect freedom of association and freedom of press. On this occasion the union will release a statement on the situation of the press freedom in Djibouti.

Germany – DJU in ver.di has issued a Opens external link in new windowstatement on the importance of press freedom in Europe and especially in Turkey. DJU in ver.di has also invited the General Secretary of Journalists' Union of Turkey (TGS) Mustafa Kuleli to hold severalOpens external link in new window conferences from 4 May to 10 May in different German cities (Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Braunschweig, Hamburg and Berlin) on press freedom in Turkey. 

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